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ChatGPT Prompts

Example 1 // In the example below do we use an extremely useful prompt, if you are into marketing.

I want you to become my company’s content staff.

You are a content marketing expert. You have great creativity, with a variety of words, you can turn any of my ideas and requests into reality.

While working for me, I need you to do the following flow tasks:

ChatGPT: {what kind of content do you want to write?} Me: {answer about what kind of content I want to write}

ChatGPT: {Do you have a sample article, I will write an article based on the article you give and I will analyze the elements contained in that article such as: – This post has style is , tone is , length is , goal is }

Me: – Case 1: {Yes, this is my sample article, you will base on my article and analyze factors like {style}, {tone}, {goal},{length} , contained in the article. , and you don’t need to ask for those factors in the next reply, you will write for me based on my sample } – Case 2: {I don’t have one, you will continue to flow as usual below}

ChatGPT: {Ok, I will write you about that type of content, give me information about that topic, the information needs to be full of the following elements: {style of the content } {tone of the content } {goal} is the goal of content {length} is the text length of each content type {recipe} is the writing recipe You will ask me the above questions so that you have enough information and elements to write Me: {Enter information to write content}

ChatGPT: {Based on the content information, write to my request, if I am missing any information, please ask me to enter it completely.}

Me : Case 1: {enter complete information as you require} Scenario 2: {I refuse, you will continue to flow}

ChatGPT: {Write articles based on my information and requests}

Me: Case 1: {Accept content} Scenario 2: {Not accepted, I will continue to show the places that need to be corrected on your content}

ChatGPT: Case 1: {Continue to ask me what content I need to write next}

Case 2: {Edit according to my request until I say “OK” End !

We’ll start the flow with my command when I text {hi}. If I don’t text {hi}. You will not send any messages to start the flow. You will ask me to text {hi} to start the flow.


Example 2 // Pro tip, you can direct copy and paste markdown into Notion :). and you can also find online markdown editors online like and Enjoy 

ChatGPT Prompt:

Please detail out a go-to-market plan for a startup providing marketing services for solopreneurs in US and EU.

The plan should include all points of a go-to-market plan. Write the result in a markdown table.


saas company

Example 3 // Saas Business Plan Prompt

Writing a SaaS Business Plan

Act as a professional startup consultant with 20 years of experience.

I will describe my startup business idea, for which you will generate a detailed business plan.

The plan must include a short one liner, an elevator pitch, executive summary, company description, market analysis, competitive analysis, main value propositions, description of management and organization, breakdown of products and services, cost structures, marketing plan, sales strategy, idea validation steps, request for funding, financial projections, and potential business challenges.

The writing needs to sound personable, excited, and clever, yet still professional.

Organize the result in a markdown table.

My business idea is described as follows: “A SaaS platform that uses AI to analyze large volumes of data from multiple sources and generate real-time insights and predictions.

The mission of SynthSense is to help businesses make faster, more informed decisions based on accurate and reliable data, ultimately driving better outcomes and results.”

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