Ollama – Run your own LLM locally, just like ChatGPT but for FREE

AWESOME FREE AI TOOL – Introducing Ollama LLM

– Watch my little video  



1. Go to: ollama.ai

2. Download

3. Write: ollama run llama2 (in the terminal)

4. Ask it a question just like ChatGPT

5. Try writing: ollama run mistral (another free AI Model)

6. More info: github.com/jmorganca/olla

– Alternative to ChatGPT / Claude / Bard / Bing AI

– I have been playing with the Ollama LLM for the last week, and I must say it is an awesome tool.

– 2 minutes to install and then do you have your own Free AI LLM running locally om your Mac, Linux, Windows machine. – Run Llama 2, Code Llama, and other models. Customize and create your own.

– It does not require internet and can be run without a heavy PC / Laptop.

– In this example does it answer questions about:

– Brazil

– Albert Einstein

– Make a funny tweet about a cat and a dog

– Code a basic Form.

Enjoy and let me know what you think

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