ChatGPT 4.0 – Official Plugins

You can do much with ChatGPT, but if you install the official plugins for ChatGPT you can do a lot more.
If you are a user of ChatGPT 4.0, you can enhance your interaction with ChatGPT by adding plugins.
See Videoguide on how to install the Plugins:
Steps to Add Plugins:
1. Highlight the GPT-4 text in the upper middle.
2. Click on “Plugins.”
3. Click on “Plugin Store.”
4. Simply click on “Install.”
Some plugins that we recommend are:
1. AskYourPDF – Unlock the power of your PDFs! Dive into your documents, find answers, and bring information to your fingertips.
2. AskTheCode – Provide a GitHub repository URL and inquire about any aspect of the code.
3. Doc Maker – Generate beautiful PDFs in seconds. Create resumes, cover letters, proposals, and more.
4. Make A Sheet – Generate a CSV file that can be directly imported into Google Sheets or MS Excel.
5. Keymate AI Search – Search & browse the web using Google Search results with KeyMate AI, your AI-powered web crawler.
6. Prompt Perfect – Start your prompt with ‘perfect’ to craft the ideal prompt every time.
7. Smart Slides – An AI-powered tool for rapid PowerPoint presentations. Just input your needs and let the AI handle the rest.
8. VoxScript – Enables searching of YouTube transcripts, web browsing/searching, and more!

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