ChatGPT Programming – Webdev Plugin

In this Example will we ask ChatGPT and Webdev to do a similar site as Opentable .com
See Video below on how to use Webdev, which is a ChatGPT Plugin.
What goes to programming can you come a long way what goes to the plugins that ChatGPT offer,
they have around 5 official plugins only for programming as of this date.
You just type: Coding or programming and they will pop up in the plugin search.
A good Online tool if you are using ChatGPT to do some basic programming is Codingpen,
which is an Online coding tool.
Where you can easily test out html, javascript and css online, without you have to install a local webserver.
You just click on start coding in Copepen and you can copy-paste the input ChatGPT give you and try it out.
If you do not know how to install a Plugin in ChatGPT 4.0, do read our earlier blogpost, that covers how to install the plugins for your need. ChatGPT 4.0 – Official Plugins

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