Keyword Research

Remember ChatGPT will remember the keyword, site and subject if you are still writing in the same window…

Otherwise just insert the right keyword etc.

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Popular Keyword Prompts

1How can I optimize my website for keyword “x”?
2What are the on-page and off-page SEO factors that affect the ranking of my website for keyword “x”?
3How do I conduct effective keyword research for keyword “x”?
4How can I improve the content on my website for keyword “x”?
5What is the importance of link building for ranking my website for keyword “x”?
6How can I increase the visibility of my website on Google for keyword “x”?
7How do I track and analyze the SEO performance of my website for keyword “x”?
8What are some common technical SEO issues and how can they be fixed to optimize for keyword “x”?
9How can I optimize my website for local search and target keyword “x”?
10How do I optimize my website for mobile devices for keyword “x”?
11How can I improve my website’s load speed and user experience for keyword “x”?
12What are structured data and how can they help optimize my website for keyword “x”?
13How can I make sure my website is accessible to search engines and users with disabilities for keyword “x”?
14What is the role of social media in optimizing my website for keyword “x”?
15How do I create and optimize content for featured snippets and voice search for keyword “x”?
16What are some effective ways to improve website engagement and reduce bounce rate for keyword “x”?
17How can I use schema markup to enhance my website’s search appearance for keyword “x”?
18How can I target international and multilingual audiences with keyword “x”?
19How do algorithm updates affect the SEO of my website for keyword “x”?
20What are the best practices for maintaining and continuously improving my website’s SEO for keyword “x”?
21Compile a comprehensive list of high-volume, relevant keywords related to [topic] for targeted SEO optimization.
22Identify the top 10 blogs that rank well for the keyword [keyword] and analyze their SEO strategies to inform your own optimization efforts.
23Compile a comprehensive list of long-tail keywords related to [topic] to target more specific and relevant audience groups and improve your SEO performance.
24Get a list of top-performing keywords for the [industry/niche] in 2022
25Generate a list of long-tail keywords for the [industry/niche]
26Generate a list of keywords related to the latest trends in [technology/topic]
27Get a list of frequently searched keywords for the [industry]
28Generate a list of keywords for the [industry/market] in [city/region]
29Get a list of keywords for the [e-commerce/related] industry
30Generate a list of keywords related to the [beauty/wellness/etc.] industry
31Get a list of frequently searched keywords for the [industry/sector]
32Generate a list of keywords related to the [food/finance/etc.] industry
33Get a list of keywords commonly searched for in the [education/fitness/entertainment/etc.] industry
34Create a list of 10 long-tail keywords for a fashion and beauty blog.
35“Give 10 long-tail keywords that have to do with “TOPIC.” Match each keyword with one of the four search intents like navigational, informational, transactional, commercial”
36“Provide 10 long tail keywords related to ‘solar panel installation’ and match each keyword with the appropriate search intent”
37“Create a list of 10 long tail keywords related to ‘organic skincare’ and classify each keyword by search intent”
38“Generate a list of 10 long tail keywords for [TOPIC]”
39Create a list of keywords that I should include in my backlink anchor text
40“Create a list of keywords related to guest posting for SEO”
41“How can I optimize my website for the keyword ‘x’ using ChatGPT?”
42“Can ChatGPT assist with keyword research for ‘x’ to improve my website’s SEO?”
43“How can I use ChatGPT to identify long-tail keywords related to ‘x’ for my website’s SEO?”
44“Generate a list of keywords for a new product launch, including long-tail and high-performing keywords, the product is”X”
45“Generate a list of keywords for an SEO optimization campaign, including long-tail and high-performing keywords”

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