Writing Articles / Blogs / Titles

Remember you can also tell ChatGPT how to write like it could be in a formal or informal tone etc.

Further you can ask it to act as a teacher, expert and so on…

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1“Write a blog post about the benefits of using a new type of virtual reality headset for meditation”
2“Generate a compelling headline and meta description for a new blog post about the latest industry trends”
3“Create a ‘Blog’ page featuring latest articles on industry trends and news”
4Generate 5 blog post ideas for improving local SEO for small businesses.
5Come up with 7 ways to optimize a blog post for voice search.
6Generate a list of topic ideas for creating a series of blog posts on sustainable living.
7Generate a list of 5 blog post ideas for a B2B SaaS company’s blog.
8Create a list of 7 blog post titles for a real estate website’s blog on home buying and selling tips.
9Write a detailed blog outline with H2, H3, subheadings, and bullet points about the topic [TOPIC]
10Create an outline for a blog post on the topic of ‘The benefits of incorporating AI in SEO’
11Outline a blog post on ‘The future of SEO: How voice search and virtual assistants are changing the game’
12Generate an outline for a blog post on ‘The impact of social media on SEO and how to leverage it’
13Develop an outline for a blog post on ‘Keyword research: The foundation of a strong SEO strategy’
14Create an outline for a blog post on ‘The importance of local SEO for small businesses’
15Outline a blog post on ‘The role of backlinks in SEO and how to acquire them’
16Generate an outline for a blog post on ‘The impact of technical SEO on website ranking’
17Develop an outline for a blog post on ‘The benefits of long-tail keywords for SEO’
18Create an outline for a blog post on ‘The future of SEO: The rise of visual search’
19Outline a blog post on ‘The importance of mobile optimization in SEO’
20Identify the top 10 blogs that rank well for the keyword [keyword] and analyze their SEO strategies to inform your own optimization efforts.
21Give me background research on The origin of bacardi
22Give me 5 blog ideas for a blog about fitness that has never been written before
23Write a bullet point outline on how to raise money for a startup
24Write a 10 sentence summary about Chinese porcelain
25Give me some statistics on a typical buyer of beauty products and please come up with age, locations in the us and please present it in a table format.
26Give me a quick summary of the Bible
27Please write a review of my ebook
28Please write 10 bullets why people should buy my “x” product
29Please write a seo friendly article about my product/blog/service and make it 1000 characters
30Please rewrite my blog at this url “insert url”
31Please translate my blog into Spanish at this url “url”
32Give me 5 blog title ideas (60 characters) for a blog about travelling
33Write a detailed product description of a product that is a sewing machine
34Write an outline for my ebook with the title:”How I made $10 million with ChatGPT”
35Can you please rewrite my blog at this url:”url” and use NLP and give it some hooks and strong keywords that are connected to the word: “xxx”

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